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Dr. Phil Barham (Chiropractor)

“Some people think I have “Rose Colored” glasses!” remarks Dr. Phil Barham (Chiropractor).

“And you know what? Maybe I do!” continues Dr. Barham (Chiropractor). “Having grown up within a “Chiropractic Family” where my father and five out of six children in the family are Chiropractors has definitely influenced how I look at health and wellness.

“I guess I never even thought about being anything else other than a Chiropractor”.

Burleigh Heads chiropractor, Dr. Phil Barham

Burleigh Heads chiropractor, Dr. Phil Barham

Even before graduating from his five year full time degree course at RMIT, Phil realised the most effective path to helping his patients would be holistic approach to health and well being. His vision was not just to correct a known health issue, but to find its underlying cause and rectify it so the patient could lead as active and healthy life as possible.

Upon graduating from Chiropractic college, Phil returned to the family clinic in Toowoomba. Within twelve months he had established a strong practice in Toowoomba and the satellite practises of Goondiwindi and Warwick. In 1991 Phil moved his practise to Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, and then to Wishart in 1994 in an effort to focus on the wellness-based family oriented chiropractic practise of his vision.

Our Primary Goal at Barham Chiropractic Family Wellness

Our primary goal within the practice is to educate and adjust as many families as possible to optimal health through natural Chiropractic care.

We believe everyone deserves to have a nervous system free from interference. We also believe that the younger the person is when they start getting checked by a chiropractor the better the chance is that they can achieve their full potential as a human being.

The practice is directionalised to people of all ages but we do specialise in what we like to refer to as “Family Wellness”. It’s extremely satisfying to adjust a young child and then see the dramatic changes that can place in their health. What’s even more satisfying is seeing the changes that occur within a Family dynamic as they become healthier and more empowered within their own lives.

Approximately seventy percent of the practice is made up of young families and children under ten years of age. “Having a young family of my own has helped my realise that you never stop worrying about your kids. It’s not just their health, it’s their social skills, education and everything else that comes along. If it’s not one thing it’ll be another.”

“The whole reason that I chose Burleigh Heads in the first place was for our kids. I love the beach and the lifestyle down here and wanted the boys to have the opportunity to establish long term relationships with friends by going through the same schools from beginning to end. I love playing an active role within the community and I spend much of my spare time trying to make sure my life is the greatest role model for my children’s development”.

Dr. Jack in training

Yet another Barham training to be a chiropractor!

Helping People Recognise their Full Potential

“My passion outside of Chiropractic lies in helping people recognise their full potential as human beings.  A lot of my spare time, apart from playing with the boys, is spent on life coaching others, business coaching other Chiropractors, and running workshops for the general public.”

“Due to our busy lifestyle, everyone in the family gets Chiropractically checked every week.  Some weeks there is nothing that needs correcting. Other times the kids have had a fall or done something that needs to be addressed.  When we do this, the kids seem to “bounce back” almost instaneously. I exercise daily and take vitamin supplements to support my body on a nutritional level”.

“Some of my friends think I’m a “freak” with my beliefs about health and well being, but to me they are just common sense.  As a family growing up, I never had a day off school due to sickness and can’t remember any of my siblings ever having a day off either.  If we ever felt “sick”, dad would check us chiropractically and then send us to school.  He would re-check us in the afternoon and that was about all it took.

We just never got sick.  Some people would say as a family we were just lucky but I believe it was the chiropractic care.  As I’ve gotten older that belief has grown into a conviction, because I now have whole families who come to see us regularly who say the same thing since they have started their chiropractic care.  Now that’s not to say that this happens with everyone.  What I do know though is that your body can fight off a cold or flu better if it is free from interference”.

“Enough about me!  Thanks for visiting our site.  I hope it’s been informative and I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we can be of service to you and your family.  Give our Burleigh Heads office a call, or email us using the link below to arrange a time to see if we can help you lead a more active and healthy life.

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