Chiropractic FAQs

What Is a Subluxation?

Vertebral Subluxations occur when the vertebra (bones in your back) move into an incorrect position and interfere with the flow of information between your brain and body. This may affect the communication between your brain and your body. Most subluxations exist without pain or discomfort. Chiropractors locate, analyse and correct subluxations.

What Causes Subluxation?
Subluxations are caused by stresses that the body has been unable to adapt to.

This may include:

  • Physical: injuries, accidents, slips, falls, whiplash, prolonged sitting and standing, poor posture, the birth process itself exerts pressure on the spine and nervous system. The use of forceps and vacuum extraction can create further distress.
  • Chemical: toxins, additives and chemicals in foods, smoking, medications, environmental pollutants, alcohol and sugar.
  • Mental & Emotional: upsets, arguments, personal traumas, work or relationship pressure, life or career changes. These upset body chemistry, which disrupt the tone of both muscles and ligaments and can result in subluxation.

What Is Health?

Health has been defined as “a state of optimal physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or illness.” Unfortunately, many of us will not consider our health until it is greatly compromised. Life can be so busy we forget to prioritise sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. We are each inherently designed to be healthy. Chiropractic care works to restore and strengthen that inborn capacity through a proactive health model that focuses on you expressing your full potential from the moment you are born, through to your last breath of life.

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