Our Team

At BARHAM Chiropractic all our team members have a deep respect for the human body and it’s self-healing and self-regulating qualities. It is our intent to honour your journey of healing, growth and discovery so you can express your body’s optimal potential. We are all committed to helping you achieve your individual health goals by providing exceptional, personalised life-changing chiropractic care.

Dr. Phil Barham | Principal Chiropractor

Is A Doctor Of Chiropractic | Founder & Creator Of Barham Chiropractic | SD Protocol Certified | Applied Kinesiologist | Bioresonance Therapist | Neurolink Practioner | Chiropractic Biophysics | Transformational Coach & International Speaker | Quantum Neurology Enthuist And Follower Of All Things That Bring About Greater Alignment To Your Own Inner Being.

“Having grown up within a Chiropractic Family where my father and five out of six children in the family are Chiropractors has definitely influenced how I look at health and wellness. From as early as I can remember my parents embodied in all of us that a properly balanced and optimum functioning nervous system, free from interference was all that we needed to function at our full potential and be as healthy as possible”.

Dr. Phil sees babies, children, and adults reach their optimum health potential through gentle, natural chiropractic care that honours you and your unique health journey. He has over 30 years experience and continues to keep up to date with all the latest advances in Chiropractic Technology by regularly attending post graduate education courses.

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Dr. Joanne Barham-byrne | Chiropractor

Is A Doctor Of Chiropractic | SD Protocol Certified | Cranial Therapist | Generational Based Chiropractor.

“For me Chiropractic is a hands-on natural drug free approach to a wholistic lifestyle for all individuals of all ages.
I want to see people thrive and reach their full potential.
I especially enjoy adjusting families, regularly seeing families across multiple generations…babies to grandparents.
Having grown up with Chiropractic from an early age, it has always made sense to me that everyone in the family deserves to live a life free of interference”.

Dr Jo has been a Chiropractor on the Gold Coast since 2011 and utilizes multiple chiropractic techniques to assess each individual client matching what she does to what will best suit the clients structure and level of function.

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Cathy Chambers | Clinic Manager

Is The Practices Office Manager | And Organiser Of All Things

Cathy has been an integral part with BARHAM Chiropractic for over 20 years now. She is the mother of two beautiful girls, Jordan and Abbey and has been our Clinic Manager for what seems like forever. She can best answer any questions you might have about your care with our office.

If you have any questions, please email the clinic or call Barham Chiropractic Family Wellness at (07) 5593 6011. We look forward to assisting you with anything you may need!

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