Chiropractor Burleigh Heads

Why Do People Visit Our Chiropractors Near Burleigh Heads?

Most people try chiropractic care because they suffer from back or neck pain. Chiropractic care is extremely effective in treating such pain and is considered much safer than using conventional anti-inflammatory drugs.

With more than 30 years of experience in caring for people, we have developed a wide range of effective chiropractic care services. These include chiropractic care for adults, babies and kids, and mothers during pregnancy.

What Are The Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care can:

At Barham Chiropractic, we use several proven techniques to help you in your journey to better health and wellness. Our experienced chiropractors are trained in the following chiropractic care techniques/methods:

How Barham Chiropractic Can Help You

Do you suffer from general neck and back pain?

Our chiropractic techniques can help improve the movement of your spine and reduce any interference. We can alleviate or even eliminate pain, and often stop it from recurring.

Are you pregnant?

Did you know that movement during pregnancy is critical for your baby’s optimal development? Our chiropractic care for pregnant mothers helps stimulate the baby’s brain and nervous system development.

Do you or your child suffer from poor posture?

We provide a range of chiropractic care for kids of all ages. With the right chiropractic techniques, kids can benefit from improved posture, a stronger immune system, and better overall health.

We help everyone in their journey to optimal health. Our experienced chiropractic team located near Burleigh Heads can help you reach your health goals through our personalised and life-changing chiropractic care.

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Our exceptional chiropractic care helps many people in their journey to being healthier and happier. Our commitment to family wellness through our chiropractic services is unwavering. And our approach is natural, gentle, safe and scientific.



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